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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a car blows checkpoint past another driver. so -- >> he starts to pursue this guy. >> see how a porsche did what police couldn't. it's called the dancing of the ladies. >> you see them sleep, bound, head butt. what happens when cows cooped up all winter cut loose with a gopro. >> she was born without a right hand but now tori biddle is rocking. >> a custom fit bionic arm.
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>> how the guys behind the popular series "the berry life" have changed a teenager's life forever. >> thanks is overrated. there's going to be something higher than that. >> the buzzword for your shot at an ipad mini. a mom springs a surprise trip. >> you would think this kid amazingly excited. >> see how good news gets one bad reception. >> dash cam video from the busy streets of south korea. up ahead, traffic begins to come to a stop. that's a dui checkpoint set up by police. they stop the guy that we're riding with but keep an eye in the lane to the left. that driver doesn't stop. tries to push through. drives around that officer and takes off. now the guy that we're riding in is not a cop, but he starts to pursue this guy. he's driving a high powered
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porsche 911 so the car is not going to get through the sports car. the dash cam just a concern citizen. gets on the phone with police. they're keeping this guy in sight. the guy loses control, smashes into the back of a bus and lands up on the curb. that does not stop him. thatgy hits the gas on his busted up car and continues to drive down the street. >> oh, boy. >> nearly lites a car as he gets back out on to the road. up ahead appears the suspect runs a red light and so does her -- hero. watch how this ends. tries to make a right-hand turn. doesn't work. the car goes wide and smashes into that building. soon after, though, you see police cars drive up on scene. go right past our guy in the dash cam and get this guy under control. >> i wonder if they just pat him
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on the shoulder or cited him. he, too, broke the law. it's spring time in king, new hampshire. that means it's time for the dancing of the ladies. ♪ by ladies i mean cows. stonewall dairy farm. ton of people turned out for the dancing of the ladies because these cows have been in the barn all winter long, so this is when they are first released. so people come to watch these cows because for just a short period of time you see them leap, bound, head butt, you see them prancing and dancing. and then they start eating. >> what could be better than somebody just getting an eye view of this. how about a cow cam? >> moo-y fancy. >> yes. the farmer mounted a camera on the halter of sarah the cow she's ready to get outside. that's the first thing she does is head butts one of her cows.
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>> there was dancing of the ladies, unlike the running of the bulls, nobody is in danger. . >> now we jump over the pond over to england and here we have a cute little fox kit. this fox is caught up in a cricket net. friends at wild life aid foundation are on their way to rescue him out. >> the fox might carry rabies but still going to try to help it out. >> pretty much done. wasn't that tight around his neck. he obviously hasn't been here that long. >> he does get it out. >> come on. >> pretty intense high-speed chase on the streets of russia. up ahead, they're chasing a motorcyclist. several patrol cars are chasing after this guy and things get really out of control.
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in the video of this dash cam, at one point one of the patrol cars has to drive on the sidewalk to chase after this guy and it looks like he's about to ram them against the wall of that building. >> oh, wow. >> looks like they got really close to the building but he doesn't. he manages to get away. watch this intersection that motorcyclist not obeying any of the rules on the road and -- >> oh, gosh. he pinched between those two cars. >> they actually hit that black car driving across and he does fly off his motorcycle. you see him right here on the side of the road, his motorcycle ends up mangled. the motorcyclist suffered serious head injuries and in the hospital in critical condition. according to some reports he was a 30-year-old man that was trying to get away from police but he is going to be facing some criminal charges. >> oh. reason number 1,000 not to evade the cops. >> no word on what caused the
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chase to begin in the first place. hey, everybody. we're giving away another ipad mini today. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry. easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. all you need to be is 18 years or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> we're giving away an ipad mini in just a little bit. >> as you guys know something as simple as a hashtag on social media can do some pretty amazing things. watch this. >> there was always fears in the back of my mind -- she would say why dad, why am i not like the other kids? q. is she going to be able to do the things that she wants to. fear never left the back of my head. always worried about him. >> joe biddle you're hearing from in this video, the dad of 19-year-old tori biddle. tori was born without her right hand, but tori's friend, they started a twitter campaign with the #handfortori.
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you're thinking maybe five, six, seven people could retweet that or get the attention of the guys from the berry life. they had a show on mtv, a "new york times" best seller, they created the long list of things they wanted to do before they die. >> we left with everything we accomplish op our list we would have a stranger do something on theirs. >> the buried life and her friends got tori who lives in ohio out to california and watch this moment here. >> your friends contacted us. they said before they die what they want more than anything in the world is to get you a custom fit bionic arm. we reached out to hanger clinic which makes the best bionic arms in the world and they've been generous to actually give you a bionic arm. >> yes! >> wow. a custom fit bionic arm curt itsy of hanger clinics. >> she's already controlling the hand like a pro. >> guess what. we've got tori and her friends
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as well as dave lynwood from the buried life joining us "right this minute." tori, did you have any idea when you went out there on stage what the heck was going on? >> um, the only thing they told me was for a scholarship. i had no idea about the hand or anything like that. >> what kind of things do we take for granted having two hands you're just now lerpg or getting used to? >> the biggest one is tying my shoes. that was always a hassle. i would have people tie my shoes. putting up your hair or curling your hair, simple things. just makes it so much easier having two hands. >> tori, this was such an incredible thing. what do you say to your friends? do you say thanks? and to dave? >> i mean, yeah, thanks is just overrated. there's got to be something higher than that. they deserve so much more. >> dave, you guys have done so many amazing things with the buried life. how does helping tori out stack up? >> i would never compare it to anything else. it's incredible that hanger clinics came on and donated that
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hand and six months of physo and well and made a promise as of today where they said if this video gets a million hits, then they will donate another bionic arm to someone else who needs it. >> do you have the arm with you, tori? are you wearing it. >> yep. >> cool. can you give us a thumb's up? >> awesome. >> that's awesome. >> the bionic teenager. >> it's a smooth hand gliding takeoff. >> everything is going perfectly until it's not. >> what goes wrong that has them eating grass. and hear how this pro has a different kind of call. >> hey, tobey. >> yes, cow cows can talk.
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it was posted recently of this guy's first handgliding flight off lookout mountain near golden, colorado probably sitting on the shelf and finally got around to posting it up. takes off. nice beautiful scenery down below. you might be able to spot the coors brewing company. going to cruise to the landing zone. not going to gain altitude or thermals. going off that ridge and slowly descend back and forth. as he starts to trimoff, he gets up to the landing zone. everything is going perfectly until it's not. >> oh, boy. >> what happened? >> he says he lost a little bit of lift as he started to flair in for his landing. he cracked some ribs. >> what? >> on this crash. >> i'm all right. >> busted a bit of a handglider. here comes his instructor. >> he's in pain. you can hear him. he's all right. >> i think he got an "f" that day from his instructor. >> he was able to walk away,
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though. i would think an "f" is if you're dead. >> okay. "c." he got a "c." >> got a "c." >> oh. >> call it a "c." >> "c" for cracked ribs. >> yeah. >> jumpy go. ♪ ♪ >> there's tobey, destroyer of souls. and he's talking like a bird posse possessed. >> hey, tobey. >> crows can talk and this one can say, hi tobey or tobey tobey tobey.
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>> tobey, tobey. >> here tobey. >> here tobey. >> tobey tobey. >> whoa. >> i love this. crows are really, really smart birds. little known fact. >> yeah. smart but annoying because he says that this bird is destructive and you don't want something coming to the window talking to you all the time. sometimes you want some peace and quiet. >> i want to go outside but this bird is just waiting for me. >> he's gigantic. look at him when he gets on the sidewalk. that's a big bird. >> he is huge and destructive. one you don't want hanging around. he says he tears stuff up. >> here tobey. here tobey. >> this bird story entirely different. you want these birds around. >> all right. rick. >> duck lings? >> those are ducklings. 13 to be perfect. these have imprinted with rick the guy who's walking. the guy said the mother duck died and left the eggs alone. rick took them in, put them in
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an incubator and thinking are you my mother? anyway, rick, good job. good job, rick. >> a woman starts an alter case at the airport. >>. >> definitely could describe this as pretty hectic. >> find out how throwing a tantrum got her grounded. plus how you can put some tech in your step with -- >> robot slippers. >> that's awesome. >> and we have an ipad mini to give away. get wednesday's buzzword and it could be yours.
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closed captioning provided by -- >> we have an incident caught on camera at the manila international airport in the philippines. could describe this as pretty hectic. watch. [ inaudible ]. >> this is a female passenger who just arrived in the
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philippines from beijing and you can see she's in sort of a tussle with this man in civilian clothes. turns out that man is an immigration agent there at the airport. >> oh, my goodness. [ inaudible ]. >> he's really sort of manhandling this woman. >> yeah. >> turns out she was about to be deported because apparently she was violating ap immigration policy where she would work in the philippines as a teacher as much as she could, travel back to china and return back to the philippines to continue working as a teacher. she ignored sort of the in uniform guards trying to deport her and they called this guy in civilian clothes to step in. >> it's one thing she is being deported and probably really freaked out but it's another she's getting beat around by this immigration agent. >> sure. >> it's not helpful when she's throwing shoes at them. all that's going to do is antagonize them. >> you don't know what happened before the video. we can only judge on what we're seeing here.
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a lot of eyebrows raised. that is why the manila international airport authority is investigating this incident. try to sort out what happened. we're going to call this segment full-on tech time. >> full-on tech time. >> to tell us about this first item of tech that is possibly going to blow your mind. >> i hope. >> we're going to bring in zach. >> hey, zach. >> hello. >> this first item of tech is unbelievable. >> this is sio and the first molecular center you can put in the palm of your happened. >> it can recognize this is my hand, this is a mouth. this is my note pda. >> not only that, but it's going to tell you the chemical makeup of that item. if you're at tnto know exactly calories are in this apple scan the apple and it tells you, the it recognizes the molecular makeup of the apple. >> is it just for food? doesn't the fda tell us those things?
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>> it's for anything you can scan. pharmaceuticals, check to see the pill you're taking is the right pill. also -- >> plants. >> identifying stuff in nature. that's cool. >> this is a spectrometer. how it works every molecule interacts with light differently. if you emit light on to an object and track how much it absorbs or light is emitted back at you you can track the pattern of the frequencies to tell what the chemical makeup of an object is. >> based on light. these guys are geniuses for figuring this out. >> spectrometers have been around for a long time. they're making it so small. for consumer product this is really cool and i think something that will be interesting for people to explore the world around them. >> it's popular. this is a kickstarter project and they have passed their goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars. the next item. >> i am robot slippers. what's down. slippers that make your feet look and sound like you're a robot with sound. >> the giant robot slippers with sound. self-explanatory. >> we don't need you for this.
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>> i guess not. >> one cool thing, it does interact with your feet. if you take a step then it's going to make the sound. >> told you tech time would be awesome for you. >> thank you, zach. >> you're welcome. only 30 bucks at think geek. >> steven, time to give away an ipad mini? let's do it. you need a twitter account. if you don't have one it's easy to create one when you enter. >> head over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the buzzword. >> let's reveal the buzzword for wednesday. it is clip. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter wednesday's buzzword, clip, cl-l-i-pc-l-i-p. >> if you don't win today we're going to be giving away another ipad mini tomorrow and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. >> exhaustion has gotten ahold of this little girl. >> she's sleeping in class. nod. >> how a dream come true has her all tuckered out.
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they just change boots.. that's why we made the all-new jeep cherokee. with an exclusive 9-speed transmission and 31 miles per gallon highway. so you can keep going.
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this is cool. >> armadillo at the park. ♪ >> disney is a magical place and i have three videos that prove it. >> hospitality of each caribbean. yes, sunny mexican rivera. >> after a trip to disneyland, your kids are exhausted. >> didn't even make it to their car or the hotel room. this is the bus to take you some place. >> she is out. >> doing the sleeping in class nod. here's another video, this one a little bit different. this precious 5-year-old is getting a surprise from mom and dad. >> have a special surprise for you. we're noto schoo
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today. >> they take him to the airport and tell him why. >> we're going to disney world. >> no. >> what? we're going to disney world. >> no. >> you would think this kid, amazingly excited. >> we're going to disney world today. >> no. >> i don't want to. >> he's devastated like it's the worst news he's gotten his entire life. parents went through with their plans and apparently five minutes after the video was taking he was loving every second of it. he was all right. now this video was captured by our very own alee see ya of alice in picture land. she went to disney land with her family recently. high fiving the camera. >> i love the high five. a transition you can do in camera without any video trickery. >> she was inspired to do that by a video we've shown on the show before of a guy traveling around the world and that's how
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he transitions high fiving to the camera. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." we have a weather system moving into northern california, coming up we will break down shower chances a year in the bay area for you thursday. a mountain lion rescued from an apartment complex. what experts knew about that big cat even before was captured. a violent crash kills a teenage girl and injures two of her friends. now investigators e


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